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Lac Seul Training Centre of Excellence & Northern College

Photo taken in Lac Seul First Nation (LSFN) where Northern College presented a gift to the Council in honour of the partnership.
Pictured: (Lower Left to Right) LSFN Councillor Elvis Trout, LSFN Councillor Gerald Kejick, LSFN Councillor Lenny Trout, LSFN Councillor Selina Vincent, Northern College Executive Director Christine Heavens, Councillor Derek Maud, LSTCE Training Consultant Colleen Littledeer, LSFN Economic Development Officer Carol Goodwin, LSFN Councillor Dean Ross

Welcome to the Lac Seul Training Centre of Excellence Website

Please visit our website to get information on available programs, upcoming events, scheduled classes, and general news about the Lac Seul Training Centre of Excellence. If you can’t find the information you need on this site, or have any questions or at all about our facility, please contact us at any time on 807.582.0386 or via email at LSTCE@lsfn.ca. We look forward to hearing from you!